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Analyze the impact of your actions and monitor your performance

Analyze your campaigns with an enhanced statistical view highlighting a set of anonymous data on your visitors, sessions, page views, bounce rates, etc.

Your results are easily readable at first glance thanks to the care taken in the graphic rendering of the module. You are then able to easily draw conclusions on the performance of your operations, and more precisely on the impact of your promotional actions on your campaigns, with regard to the marketing objectives you have set for yourself.

The module also allows you to present clear results to your team or customers, so you can then make the necessary strategic decisions for your next marketing operations.



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Go further with Analytics Premium

Go deeper into analyzing the performance of your operations with premium access. Enhance the depth of your analyses with additional graphs.

Ask for your tailor-made reporting at the end of the campaign and provide your management or customers with an effective and complete deliverable that is much easier to use. You are thus able to analyze more quickly the effectiveness of your operation and its results before making an assessment for your future marketing actions.

Functionalities to assist you in your analyses

Geolocated data

Analyze your traffic in detail according to countries, regions, departments or cities… and consult your traffic in real time on these criteria

Dashboard per campaign

Enjoy a segmented view for each of your campaigns, readability and granularity guaranteed

Aggregate view of your actions

Find a set of data on your visitors and analyze the impact of your actions launched through your campaigns

Real-time update

The data is updated automatically, without delay. This second view allows you to make quick decisions on the levers used in your campaigns

No parameter setting

No manipulation is necessary on your part. All statistical data are automatically generated

Customized reporting

Socialshaker is able to provide you with complete reports on your campaigns to be used later in PDF format.

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