A Closer Look: The Socialshaker Advent Calendar

We understand that many of you are planning to create a Christmas Advent Calendar this year for your community, which invites users to visit each day and “scratch” a box to win a prize.

Here are a few tips on how to create the best possible calendar:

  • Schedule the calendar to run from December 1 to 24, just like a traditional Advent Calendar.
  • Prepare 2-5 prizes each day and change up the prizes according to different days.
  • Promote your calendar via email, Facebook ads and you can even embed the calendar directly on your website keeping in mind customers who are doing their Christmas shopping.
  • Display a daily visual that doesn’t necessarily correspond to the prize, but spreads the Christmas Spirit. It can be an animated GIF (see example below) which displays objects in a setting of pine trees.

Configuration questions?

You can create your own campaign in just a few hours. Here is a tutorial to help you set up an Instant Win Calendar.

  • Create your own visuals — those of the homepage should instantly immerse players in a Christmas atmosphere. This helps produce a festive and joyful feeling just before the unveiling of the calendar surprise.
  • The Socialshaker Advent Calendar is based on the idea of instant winning. Visit “Mechanisms” > “Instant” and check out our tutorial for programming your prizes.
  • To set up calendar boxes, generate 24 boxes and upload a visual for each one. Design a “scratch” visual as well as images for subsequent “wins” and “losses” outcomes.

Your campaign is now ready for launch! Contact us at the bottom-right of the page if you get stuck on one of the configuration steps.

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