Tap Tap: An Original New Game For The Christmas Season

Christmas is fast approaching! We hope you’re getting in the spirit because this is the right moment to prepare your marketing campaign and attract online shoppers with your special offers.


Maybe you feel a little stuck. Perhaps the Advent Calendar is not really your company’s thing and you’re lacking inspiration. Maybe you would rather launch an original mechanism that breaks the routine of usual campaigns and beats the competition.

In this case, let us propose our newly released mechanism designed especially for the holiday season. It’s called Tap Tap. Fair warning, though — it’s addictive.

How does it work? In 30 seconds, catch as many objects falling from the top of the screen as you can by clicking your mouse or tapping your finger.

Side features:

  • Create up to five different objects and three bonuses (which can also serve as setbacks) according to various criteria (visual, size, value, etc.).
  • Rank the 500 best players. This encourages players to keep trying and improve their scores. Players can also share their scores on social media to compare with friends, which in turn increases your contest’s visibility.
  • Tap Tap can be conducted over the course of days, so this is a good period to offer discounts or coupons as prizes. At the end of the game period, players can also be entered into a drawing.

If you test this mechanism, make sure you also try this addictive experience on your smartphone!

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