Engaging Games for Valentine’s Day

With the holiday season now over, you’re probably looking for new interactive online ideas. At the same time, your customers are searching for deals and ways to enjoy the new year. For Valentine’s Day (February 14), which is quickly approaching, we would like to share some interesting data* on consumer behavior during this period, as well as some mechanism ideas for your campaign.

1) Did you know that over half the population plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day and that over 90% intend to give a gift that costs up to $155? And it’s not all flowers and jewelry. The restaurant, ready-to-wear, and cosmetic industries are not far behind in demand. The holiday also represents a break from ordinary daily spending — excess is encouraged.

TapTap is an easy, fun game that lets players win special Valentine’s Day prizes of your choosing, such as coupons or discounts at your store — or even an all-expense-paid night out for two at a 5-star hotel! Meanwhile, the game lets you collect qualified data from the target.

2) Did you know that for Valentine’s Day in 2016 total revenue across all sectors (flowers, jewelry, candy, clothing, restaurants, etc.) for Valentine’s Day was $20 billion? Now is a good time to position yourself for this holiday and stand out with an original way to communicate your offers. Shake up your typical marketing routine and surprise couples with a new brand image.

Here you can try out our game Rain Gifts, where you can set up instant wins the week before Valentine’s Day and award theme-related gifts. You can match prizes to your current sales as well as offer great benefits to players, such as an added discount on any purchase on your online shop. The last page of the game automatically redirects to your e-commerce site.


3) Even though department stores (34.5%) and popular discount stores (31%) will certainly be the most visited, don’t forget that 28% will shop online.

Would you like to know your customers better before, during or after their purchase? Launch a Personality Test for participants to find out “What kind of Valentine are you?”. Or, if you want to help them find that ideal Valentine’s Day gift by redirecting them to your online store, this mechanism equally applies. Based on shoppers’ profiles from answering the questions on a Personality Test, you can redirect them to specific products. Then you can collect even more personalized data for future customers.

For more information and tips on how to activate your community on Valentine’s Day, contact us on live chat at the bottom right of the page. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

*Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, February 2016

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