Facebook script

Activate your audiences with interactive content

Quickly create and deploy interactive marketing content for all your audiences without data collection.

Launch an unlimited number of campaigns and distribute them easily in your shops, websites, blogs and social networks without any technical knowledge. View all the performance of your actions directly via your Socialshaker interface.

Some examples of winning uses: engage your audiences on your e-commerce sites, editorials and blogs all year round, increase the time spent by your audience on your web pages, animate your customer or employee communities in a fluid and fun way, engage your customers at points of sale and collect global feedback on their satisfaction, etc.

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An intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Set up your campaign in a few minutes and at a glance. The Preview block on the right allows you to view your settings and changes in real time.

In a few clicks, quickly customize your device using an image and/or background video, and a few graphic elements specific to each Instant App chosen. This module is suitable for the uninitiated and does not require any prior technical knowledge.

All you have to do is to distribute the campaign, via the microsite url or by integrating it into the web page(s) of your choice (Iframe integration).


Some examples of devices

Click on each icon to test the Instant Apps.

The 6 key points of this module

Quick customization

Simplified customization of graphic elements and immediate online availability

Unlimited design

No limit to your creativity, create as many concepts as you want and distribute them where you want

High availability

Applications are designed in such a way that they do not hinder the performance and loading of your pages

Real-time update

All your changes are automatically saved and taken into account

Total autonomy

No human or technical intervention is necessary, everything can be configured from the interface

Simple and fun

Each application is designed to be interactive and fun. You don’t over-sell your hearings

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